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Do you want to build an organization that prioritizes participation over top-down approaches? Wondering what integrating democratic education methods into your project or mission could look like?

Below you’ll learn about TESA’s expertise in education—get in touch with us and we can talk about how creative, engaging education can strengthen your work.

Here are some ways we’ve worked with clients:

Developing curriculum and tools from the ground up

TESA can develop an entire education project from start to finish, with your guidance and participation. When the Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation (NMIC) supported renters to take ownership of their buildings, TESA worked with NMIC to create classes and tools that helped renters transition to confident owners. TESA designed a series of workshops and resources to build knowledge about housing co-op ownership, from board management to democratic meetings and conflict resolution. TESA worked closely with NMIC to clarify learning goals, test pedagogical techniques, and complete the curriculum and tools, with the opportunity to review multiple drafts along the way.

Project Highlights

Participants in a TESA-led workshop

A TESA-led workshop with the New England Farm Workers Council

Overhauling existing curriculum and resources

Organizations like Cooperation Works! have contracted TESA to review existing curriculum and resources and develop an action plan to improve workshops, activities, and learning goals. TESA redevelops curriculum to make it more participatory, learner-centered, and better suited to meet learning goals and audiences. This can take the form of an entire curriculum overhaul, very targeted work on specific elements of a longer workshop, or revision of a particular module within a larger curriculum.

Project Highlights

Large group of people play Co-opoly, laughing

Participants in a social justice symposium in Athens, Georgia play Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives

Game Creation

TESA specializes in producing games to create powerful educational experiences. TESA has worked with organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace and Solidarity Economy St. Louis to develop custom games to fit their causes and audiences. In house, we are the creators and publishers of Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives, Rise Up: The Game of People & Power, and Loud & Proud.

Online and Media Tools

Organizations like the Cooperative Development Institute and the National Cooperative Business Association have contracted TESA to create digital tools and resources for their educational efforts, helping them reach broader audiences and go beyond their immediate geographic base.

Project Highlights

Andrew Stachiw with members of Manos Unidas cooperative. We provide a range of cooperative development and education services to Manos

Ongoing Coaching and Support

Whether it’s direct technical assistance for cooperatives, ongoing curriculum support, or facilitation coaching, TESA offers clients the option to keep TESA on retainer for regular and ongoing support. Organizations like The Composting Cooperative and Bioregen Cooperative have used TESA’s services for long-term support and coaching. This work has included by-law development support, facilitation training and coaching, and business plan development.

Project Highlights

Workshop Design and Facilitation

TESA designs and delivers workshops. Organizations like the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, International Rescue Committee, and Equal Exchange have contracted TESA to create and facilitate trainings for their staff and constituents. These workshops have ranged from “Developing Social Justice Board Games” to “Participatory Education and Workplace Democracy.”

Project Highlights

Brian Van Slyke stands and speaks before students seated at tables

TESA Collective member Brian Van Slyke leading a workshop on creating games for social change for over 200 5th and 6th grade students at the Illinois Holocaust Museum

Image at top: Original art by Innosanto Nagara of the Design Action Collective, created for TESA’s board game Rise Up: The Game of People and Power

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