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We can develop tools, programs, and games for your cause: The TESA Collective (The Toolbox for Education and Social Action) works with organizations and groups to build tools, resources, games, and programs that are participatory and based in social justice principles. Our clients include small community groups, national nonprofits, movement builders, city governments, companies with causes, and more.

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Services TESA Offers

  • Curriculum and tool creation: TESA can collaborate with you to develop an entire educational project from start to finish, no matter how big or small. Read about our work developing curriculum for the city of New York!
  • Game creation: TESA has designed and published three board games. We also work with clients to help them create their own games, for organizational trainings or mass distribution. Read about our work developing a board game for The Nature Conservancy!
  • Update educational programming: Is your educational programing lacking? Could it be more exciting and interactive? We will collaborate with you to upgrade existing curriculum and tools. 
  • Train-the-Trainers: We can train your staff or leaders to implement social justice and popular education on their own, so your workshops are engaging instead of lecture-based or full of awkward pauses after you ask a question. Read about our work creating a train-the-trainers for the SCO Family of Services.
  • Workshop creation and facilitation: Looking to have workshops designed and facilitated by an outside party? TESA can develop and lead content to meet your goals. Read about how we developed workshops for the International Rescue Committee
  • Online courses and tools: We’ve worked with organizations to bring participatory and social justice education online, reaching broader audiences across geographical boundaries.
  • Education and development services for cooperatives: TESA has collaborated to launch dozens of cooperatives and cooperative education initiatives. Read about how we created workshops for the Green Worker Cooperatives training academy!
  • And more: We’ve collaborated with groups to produce creative and powerful educational tools specifically suited to their missions, ranging from documentaries to handbooks, conference planning, and beyond. View our project highlights here!

Testimonials from Clients

“From conception, to design, implementation, and follow-up support, TESA’s approach is professional, collaborative, focused on the participants’ experiences, and well-informed by theory and practical know-how. The results were outstanding, with participants thanking us and remarking on the quality of the program.”

—Noemi Giszpenc, Cooperative Development Institute

“TESA was fantastic to work with. TESA took our nascent idea and turned it into a professional, creative, educational, and fun stakeholder engagement game. They brought a spirit of collaboration, creativity and a wealth of experience to the entire game development process. Moreover, TESA’s iterative approach allowed us to explore, test, and refine lots of ideas. We would recommend TESA to anyone thinking about creative and innovative ways to use serious games to engage communities.”

-The Nature Conservancy

“The feedback from [TESA’s] workshops has been overwhelmingly positive, with participants eager to continue discussing topics from these classes far beyond the allotted class time. We would recommend TESA to anyone looking to create innovative and stimulating training programs.”

-Mo Kantner, Candidate Services Program Manager for the NYC Department of Small Business Services

“TESA is absolutely terrific to work with! I really appreciated their willingness to work in a collaborative fashion to meet our needs. They developed a menu of exercises that are creative, participatory and effective. It’s clear that TESA has a great depth of experience and expertise, coupled with good listening skills and sensitivity to the complexity of our training needs… I highly recommend TESA to anyone who is interested developing great training materials.”

-Emily Kawano, Wellspring Collaborative

“Our members were so pleased and impressed with the game TESA created for us! It’s rewarding for us to see people engage with the game and come up with their own creative ways of using it to start conversations both inside and outside of our organization. The TESA team was a pleasure to work with, and did a great job of listening and tailoring to our needs every step of the way. Regardless of what you do, TESA is sure to have something to offer to amplify your work, build tools for collaboration, and create opportunities for education.”

-Julia Ho, Solidarity Economy St. Louis