TESA Collective’s Holiday Bundles Now Available

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With causes like Standing Rock and Black Lives Matter leading the way in social justice movements, many of us are choosing to purchase gifts this year that align with what we believe in. TESA Collective is excited to offer a variety of holiday bundle packs in our online store for those looking to think outside the mall this holiday season.

Here’s an overview of what we’re offering:

We’re happy to bring Keep Cool, the classic board game about climate change, back to the United States for the first time in years! Keep Cool is a perfect gift for the person looking to explore ways to confront the climate crisis, or the organization looking to learn together in a fun way. Save on the game by picking up our Social Justice for the Whole Family Bundle¬†or Play for Change Games Bundle.

We also love the Co-opoly Holiday Bag for the eco-conscious giftee. It comes with everything but the box, which means less printing resources used to produce your gift! This gift is affordable at only $25 USD and comes in a U.S. made muslin bag with a neat Twin Pines sticker. Pair this with the Co-op Study Bundle as a perfect choice for the aspiring cooperator.

We’re perhaps most excited about the pre-sale of our newest game, Rise Up: The Game of People and Power on its own, and as part of our Social Justice for the Whole Family and Play for Change Games bundles. Rise Up is just starting its 100% ethical and sweatshop-free production, and will be completed in the spring of 2017, so your gift will keep giving all the way into the new year, making this the perfect way to give both now and later.

Our bundles are just what your favorite changemakers need to boost the holiday spirit, support ethical labor, and best of all, support their commitment to social change. You can find all of them in our online store while supplies last, and don’t forget to order your gifts by Tuesday, December 20th if you want your packages to arrive by December 24th.

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