Space Cats Fight Fascism: Now on Kickstarter


Space Cats Fight Fascism is on Kickstarter until May 30! Head over to our Kickstarter page now, learn more about the game, and get your Space Cats rewards.

It’s the year three million, and the animals of Earth’s past now inhabit the planets of the galaxy in advanced societies. And even though the human species has long since been forgotten, the darkest parts of their history have not.

A rising wave of fascism is sweeping across the galaxy, threatening to throw the Interspecies Galactic Alliance under autocratic rule. To help grow its power, the regime known as The Rat Pack has convinced the powers that be that all cats must be tightly controlled… or forced into feline exile. But everyone knows, cats don’t like to be collared, and they don’t like to be caged.

Space Cats Fight Fascism is a cooperative game where you play as a band of rebel cats trying to stop fascists from taking over the galaxy. Think Star Wars meets Cats the Musical! It’s for 2 – 4 players and takes roughly 45 – 60 minutes to play.

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