Rise Up: The Game of People & Power

Rise Up - photo credit Molly McLeod

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A game about social movements and what it takes to build power and win together—even when the cards are stacked against us

Lead a march of thousands of people. Write a protest song that goes viral. Fight for what you believe in. Rise Up is an ethically manufactured, cooperative board game about people power and taking on oppressive systems to create change.

In Rise Up, your movement takes creative actions to fight for victory. As you strategize, you’ll shape the story of your movement—whether it’s stopping an oil pipeline, fighting for dragon rights, or anything else you’re passionate about. But “the System” is hard at work too, maneuvering to crush your movement through tactics like setting up surveillance, making arrests, or causing infighting. Only by working together can you win enough victories to beat the System. Everyone wins or loses together.

Rise Up comes with two versions! Rise Up Standard is a strategy game great for game nights and experienced game players. Rise Up Simplified is quicker to learn and has simpler rules for younger kids, less experienced game players, and educational settings.

Through Rise Up, players have fun while also discovering activist strategies and tactics in an exciting, participatory setting. Rise Up activates imaginations and inspires dialogue about the change we need to create a more just, healthy world.

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Rising Up Is Beautiful

Rise Up features 100% original art by Design Action Collective and graphic design by Molly McLeod.

People Love Rise Up

Rise Up is a blast for the gameplay alone. The cooperative element added a layer of novelty for even this hardened gamer nerd—it takes a lot of group strategizing to beat the System! But the icing on the cake is the opportunity for activists to both poke fun at ourselves and engage with real tactical questions. —Jessica Stites, Executive Editor, In These Times

I train organizers for a living, and what’s impressive to me about Rise Up is how closely the play of the game reflects the kind of situations that organizers encounter in real life.  It’s great practice for those who organize professionally, and great fun for those who don’t. —Jeff Pinzino, Associate Director, Midwest Academy

The game was super fun! Loved that it encourages cooperation, creativity and strategic thinking in a super chill way. Can’t wait to play it with my friends! —Hnin W. Hnin, Cooperative Training Director at Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive

Setting the Standard for Producing Board Games Ethically

Rise Up In the Press

“This Board Game Is Designed For Activists To Practice Building Movements” in Fast Company
“Look out for a boardgame about organizing protests” in KillScreen
“New Board Game Is for Activists Who Want to Beat the System” in Next City
“Clever Kickstarter board game teaches activists the skills they need for victory” in Mashable
“The Secret History of Leftist Board Games” by our own Brian Van Slyke in Truthout
“New Social Movement Board Game Pits Activists Against ‘The System” in Shareable
“This Board Game Is Training Political Revolutionaries” in GOOD

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Rise Up’s Creators

Created and published by TESA Collective
Game design by Brian Van Slyke of TESA Collective
Graphic design by Molly McLeod
Ethically manufactured in the USA by Community Printers
Artwork by Design Action Collective
Made possible thanks to contributions by SEIU and Flux

Rise Up: The Game of People and Power was successfully funded on Kickstarter in September 2016. Thank you to our 740 Kickstarter backers!

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