The L.A. Co-op Lab is Making Worker Ownership Mobile

*Featured image courtesy of Dr. Pop

In Los Angeles, it’s not business as usual. The LA Co-op Lab has launched an exciting new effort to bring the co-op movement to the streets, calling the project “The Mobile Co-op Lab.”

According to the Dr. Pop website, “The Mobile Co-op Lab is a collaboration between Dr. Pop, the L.A. Co-op Lab, and the Arroyo Sustainable Economies Community Organization — as well as worker co-ops in formation, freelancers looking for a team, and numerous organizations that want to make work more available, dignified, and democratic.”

Part of the work of the Mobile Co-op Lab is to test capacity for worker ownership in Los Angeles by encouraging participants to envision together what it would be like to own a cooperative together. One of TESA’s favorite workshops offered is called the Worker Co-op Playscape workshop, where a giant version of Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives is played!


image from #lacooprevolution 

TESA had for a while been considering creating our own blow-up version of the game, so we were inspired to see our friends DIY create one themselves! So stay tuned, as we start to tinker and put together a version available for everyone!

Of course, in the meantime, you can still get the regular version in our store.

You can currently check the L.A. Co-op Lab out on social media at: #lacooprevolution. If you’re around L.A. anytime, contact the L.A. Co-op Lab to schedule your own Worker Co-op Playscape workshop, and tell them TESA sent you!