From Truthout: "Work Should Adapt to Mothers"

ChomskyYesterday, Truthout published my* op-ed on how working mothers should stop trying to fit themselves into the inhuman mold created by traditional businesses. Instead, I believe democratic workplaces, such as worker cooperatives, offer an alternative to women: the chance to shape their work environment to their needs.

You can read the article here: Work Should Adapt to Mothers: Human Shapes Don’t Fit Inhuman Holes. Below are comments from Truthout’s Facebook page.

Many people liked the article, several people voiced frustration that I didn’t talk about dads, and a couple people commented that the idea of changing the system to fit workers better was crazy, bordering on selfish. I’m working on a follow-up piece now, because I think these are points that should be addressed. 

What do you think? Are worker cooperatives a possible solution to this issue? Should we rethink business and shape it to fit working m

*We don’t usually write from the third person here at our blog, but given the content, I figured this was as good a time as any to pull out the first person.