Take a Course from TESA's Founders!

TESA cofounders Brian Van Slyke and Andrew Stachiw are teaching a six-week course this fall at Greenfield Community College (GCC). “Creating a Cooperative Food Economy” will explore co-ops and their impact on the local food economy. “We’re excited to get more people in the Pioneer Valley committed to building a better food system and a[…]

Why Sliding Scale?

We received a touching response from someone who just bought Co-opoly—and it was a great reminder of why we decided to have a sliding scale and how it does actually matter. TESA, the co-op that makes Co-opoly, uses a sliding scale for all of our products. We decided to do this for several reasons, two[…]

“Usually there can only be one winner of a board game, so everyone is out for themselves. In Co-opoly everything must be done together, for each other.”

Recently, the Mime Troupe Collective, a well-established performance group in San Francisco, posted on Facebook that Co-opoly is “our new favorite board game!” The Mime troupe used Co-opoly during a workshop on making our society more democratic. We asked for some brief thoughts from participants who played Co-opoly about their experience. Here are some of[…]

Six Months of Co-opoly

We’re celebrating Co-opoly‘s half-birthday this week with special offers (see below!) and a look back over the last six months. Check out the photos from six months ago when two dozen volunteers gathered to help assemble more than one million moving parts from the first pressing of Co-opoly. Since those early days, Co-opoly has been[…]

Co-opoly has a "great healing power"

Below is a wonderful and moving testimonial about Co-opoly from Chikeola Karimou, someone that just recently discovered Co-opoly: Co-opoly!  You people are simply awesome geniuses… I am new to the game and my mind is still all jazzed up about the brilliancy of it: it is clever, fun, informative and so engaging; but here is[…]

New testimonial: Co-opoly "is truly unique"

We’ve got a great new testimonial from Rebekah Hanlon, a worker-owner at the very wonderful Valley Green Feast workers’ collective, about Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives. Check out what she has to say below about how awesome Co-opoly is and then, if you’re in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, check out her collective’s site here![…]