Here’s How One NYC Neighborhood is Using Cooperation to Overcome Gentrification

New York recently made history by deciding to contribute millions of city funds towards worker cooperative development. And that decision is already having an impact across neighborhoods. Here’s one fascinating story of how our friends at The Working World and the Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation are starting cooperatives to overcome gentrification in Bed-Stuy for[…]

Popular Education Methods Series: What is Popular Education, and When Should You Use It?

In the last post I outlined some topics we would tackle, and it seems like a great place to start is: “what is popular education and why use it?” Better yet, why don’t we also give away some free curriculum on that very topic. So lets get into it! I will give you a brief,[…]

Announcing our new blog series: Popular Education Methods

TESA is excited to announce our new Popular Education Methods blog series. The Methods blog will be a space to explore and discuss all things education. As the name implies, we will be focusing on concrete methods, techniques, and strategies to improve facilitation, design, and teaching skills – based on our years of using popular[…]

Behind the Project

TESA Works with Pinchot University to Create Cooperative Business Curriculum

TESA worked with the Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship (CIE) at Pinchot University to adapt and build their existing business curriculum to a worker-cooperative business curriculum. This partnership lead to the creation of an extensive worker co-op start-up program, with sessions focused on a range of topics from “Cooperative Culture” to “Membership, Structure, and Governance.” Challenges[…]

Democratic Education

Using Democratic Education in the Classroom

Each time we give a presentation on democratic education we’re asked how it can be applied in a traditional classroom setting. The classroom is one of the least democratic spaces we encounter. Unsurprisingly, teachers and students alike want to move beyond its confining structure. Workshops and other non-traditional education settings are more easily reconfigured—at least[…]

How We Built an Online Cooperative Educational Video Library with NASCO

TESA worked with the North American Students for Cooperation to build a free online video series that focuses on cooperative education on topics ranging from the Fair Housing Act to democratic meeting facilitation skills. Challenges Faced After receiving a grant from the CHS Foundation to create a free educational video series on cooperatives and co-op[…]

TESA Recognized With Young Cooperative Educators Award

Recently, TESA was honored to receive the William Hlushko’s Young Cooperative Educators Award from the Association of Cooperative Educators (ACE). The award “recognizes achievement as a cooperative educator to those 35 years or younger.” This marks the first year that an organization has been presented with the award, and we are thrilled to be its[…]

We Need “Thoughtful Games” and “Radical Games” – An Interview with Game Designer Hannah Shaffer

Hannah Shaffer is a game designer in Massachusetts. She’s the creator of Questlandia, a game “about personal shortcomings, the cost of courage, and the challenge of enacting meaningful change.” Hannah also made 14 Days – a storytelling game about living life with chronic pain. That game is currently on Kickstarter (until July 28th, 2015, so[…]