Working with TESA: Our Education Services

Do you want to build an organization that prioritizes participation over top-down approaches? Wondering what integrating democratic education methods into your project or mission could look like? Below you’ll learn about TESA’s expertise in education—get in touch with us and we can talk about how creative, engaging education can strengthen your work. Here are some[…]

Our Accomplishments and Collaborations with Social Justice Education in 2016

In 2016, TESA Collective worked with a number of talented organizations and groups to co-create inspiring projects that support building democratic education and collective processes. Here are some quick project highlights: With support of over 700 backers, the crowdfunding campaign for TESA’s new game, Rise Up, was a success: Through Rise Up: The Game of[…]

Your Abolish ICE Study Guide

Why should we abolish ICE? How can we abolish ICE? What do we do after we’ve abolished ICE? And how do I get my friends and family to support abolishing ICE? These are the questions people have been asking after the movement to abolish ICE gained a groundswell of support over the past few months.[…]

Breaking Barriers & Building Cooperatives in a Massachusetts Jail

Students from a class on cooperatives held at the Franklin County House of Corrections (FCHC), a jail in Greenfield, Massachusetts, recently showcased their creative visions for cooperative businesses in a graduation ceremony for the course. The greatest service we provide to this class is the framework for students from inside and outside the jail to[…]