Co-opoly has a "great healing power"

Below is a wonderful and moving testimonial about Co-opoly from Chikeola Karimou, someone that just recently discovered Co-opoly: Co-opoly!  You people are simply awesome geniuses… I am new to the game and my mind is still all jazzed up about the brilliancy of it: it is clever, fun, informative and so engaging; but here is[…]

New testimonial: Co-opoly "is truly unique"

We’ve got a great new testimonial from Rebekah Hanlon, a worker-owner at the very wonderful Valley Green Feast workers’ collective, about Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives. Check out what she has to say below about how awesome Co-opoly is and then, if you’re in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, check out her collective’s site here![…]

"Co-opoly is a dream come true."

We have some fantastic photos and a testimonial that have come in from Canada. The testimonial comes from Donna Balkan, a long-time cooperative and board game enthusiast. As both a co-operator and a long-time player and collector of board games, Co-opoly is a dream come true. Educational games have a tendency to be long on[…]

Kranti, Working with Girls Rescued from Sex Work, Receives Free Copy of Co-opoly; Help Us Continue Providing Free Copies

Hey Co-opoly fans, did you know that we have a fund you can contribute to so that we can provide Co-opoly for free or cheap to organizations around the world doing important work for advancing social and economic justice? The first organization that we have sent a free copy off to is “Kranti,” based in[…]

Help us spread the word about Co-opoly!

We’re a small cooperative trying to do big things. That means we don’t have the huge outreach power available to mega corporations. Instead, we’re relying on the help of grassroots supporters to spread the word about Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives. If you’re interested in helping us do outreach, we’d love your support. In addition[…]

Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives, a Tool for Building a New Democratic Economy, Released

Co-opoly, a powerful resource for cultivating democratic communities, comes at a time when people are struggling to envision a new world. This game has been hotly anticipated with pre-orders from around the globe. Northampton, Massachusetts, Nov 28, 2011 – As the cooperative movement gains global traction, with 800 million co-op members and 100 million employees[…]