America's First Calls for Economic Democracy

Seeking an originalist argument to justify your outcry over wealth inequality? Look no further.

The Founding FathersArguments over the intentions of the Founding Fathers are usually relegated to important yet rarified fields like constitutional law. In circles like those, it is taken seriously whether or not we can divine guidance on complicated social issues—gay marriage, campaign finance, civil liberties and so on—from the central players in our national mythology.


From Truthout: "Work Should Adapt to Mothers"

Yesterday, Truthout published my* op-ed on how working mothers should stop trying to fit themselves into the inhuman mold created by traditional businesses. Instead, I believe democratic workplaces, such as worker cooperatives, offer an alternative to women: the chance to shape their work environment to their needs. You can read the article here: Work Should[…]

What Top-tier Firms Can Learn from Worker Co-ops

What do co-ops & top-tier professional firms have in common? They’re both more resilient, flexible, & accountable—but the firms still have a lot to learn from worker co-ops. A recent article in U.S. News and World Report highlights why we need more employee-owned businesses in the United States. The author makes interesting comparisons between top-tier[…]

Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives Goes Global

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Local Game Goes Global with Licensing Deals in Seven Countries NORTHAMPTON—The makers of Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives are hitting the international scene and are receiving much fanfare in the cooperative business world. The four person co-op behind the game, the Toolbox for Education and Social Action (TESA), has recently signed three[…]

Taking Democratic Education into Jails

As many of you know, TESA has been teaching a course at Greenfield Community College (GCC) called Creating a Cooperative Food Economy. What you probably don’t know is that GCC’s Food and Farm Program has been working with Franklin County Jail to receive grant funding to start an organic garden at the jail, and to[…]